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Amanpreet is a seasoned wedding photographer. Starting off in 2011, she has covered more than a hundred weddings all over the country. Her art not only lies in her camera, but also in the way she makes her clients feel comfortable getting clicked on their D-days.Needless to say clients love her, especially the brides. She tries to capture every wedding as if it were her own and makes sure she doesn’t miss out any of those special moments.
Her work has found mention in various wedding photography magazines and she is now a known name in the wedding photography . With the ever growing expenses for wedding photography, you would find the price packaging of her pre-wedding and wedding photo shoot packages very competitive

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  • Prabhjot
    A month before my wedding, my sister told me to look at Amanpreet’s work online. I liked what I saw! But what her creativity did with my wedding was even more beautiful. Amanpreet is charming, courteous and professional. She spent quite some time getting to know me during the wedding. Since she is candid photographer, she never requested me to do the cliché poses. However, I was quite happy to see her face peeking above the sea the faces to take interesting shots. Some of the photos she took of me took my breath away. Trying not to sound arrogant but I couldn’t believe I looked so beautiful in the photos. She made very good use of the fog in the background. In the end, we became friends. We still keep in touch with each other and I hope to see her soon someday! Besides her great work, if there is another reason you would want to hire Amanpreet for, it will be because of her warm personality. It is quite rare!
  • Sonal
    I met Amanpreet at a college senior's wedding and when I saw her work, I decided she would be the one covering mine. For some reason, It didn't work out. A few years later, my sister was involved neck deep in her wedding preparations and she wanted a candid photographer. I showed her Amanpreet's work and she adored it. So, I can safely say that Amanpreet's work always gives a lasting impression. Four years had passed between the senior's wedding and my sister's wedding and even then we knew, we wanted her. She is that good. She is professional, friendly and she became a part of our celebrations effortlessly. Needless to say, the photographs were amazing !
  • Megha Sundaresh Manchanda
    Megha Sundaresh Manchanda
    She is bit of gypsy – warm, humble, little crazy and a whole lot talented. She also happens to be my wedding photographer. She entertained crazy demands from me, bent her day around my crazy schedule and delivered. There are a lot of talented photographers out there but she has the soul and sensibility of being a genuine one. I must share a little inside story here, my wedding took place at small South Indian temple. The simple food ( meant as an offering to the deities, hence no frills were added) was served in a traditional Indian sitting arrangement. While a lot of guest were recovering from the shock of such modest food at a Delhi wedding, bless them, haha Aman gave me a bright grin and told me she loved the simplicity of the food and I could see she meant it. That incident has remained with me. Love all the pictures..
  • Tavneet
    I want to thank you for all the work , time and sincerity you put into our pictures. We can’t begin to tell you about the compliments we’ve got on our wedding pictures and post wedding shoot. We ourselves are very pleased with them. You did an outstanding job and we thank you from bottom of our heart to give us exactly what we wanted. You captured the moments beautifully and have made them everlasting. Once again thank you for everything you’ve done and the beauty you created.
  • Tiya
    Working with Aman is like working with a friend. She puts her heart and soul into work. That kind of passion is really hard to come by. Her energy is so contagious that it catches on with everyone. She is extremely professional yet somehow manages to mingle with guests and make everyone comfortable , becoming one of them. She is very respectful of your time and commitments on your big day and manages to do her work without any visible intrusions. She is also very quick and professional in her post production dealing. And most importantly she made me look very very beautiful on my wedding day.

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